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Testimonial – Artvise replaced custom built CRM



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Artvise is a Swedish software company that provides software solutions, products and qualified services in the field of ECM (Enterprise Content Management). Artvise develop and implement business enhancements with modern information technology together with their customers.



Replaced CRM: Custom built CRM



Challenges with sales efficiency according to Artvise


When we where in the early years of the company we where so small that we thought that we did not need a CRM.

But as we grew bigger, the need became obvious. I needed to have the overall picture and control of who is doing what, who is working on which client.

This helicopter perspective is very easy to get in Salesbox and the best of all is that I know it is 100% updated at any given time.


Reasons for going with Salesbox

We have three different types of products and two different kind of sales processes, one for privately owned companies and one for government organisations that require a public RFP process.

The possibility to quickly add the different products and feed each lead into the correct sales process was a deal breaker for us.

The setup and implementation was very smooth and did not require any external consultants or extra cost, that was a nice bonus.

We imported a few hundred existing client accounts right away, quick and easy. That is not the experience I have had with importing data to other tools in the past.

This triggered us to start working in Salesbox right away, which gave us a good start. The time from first startup meeting to all users on the system up and running was not more than a week.


Our favorite feature

It must be the way that we use the LinkedIn plugin to import the correct info on each new lead or contact directly from LinkedIn with one click!

To have the face of the person you are talking to or going to meet, is a detail that should not be underestimated!


What do the users say?

They like the app. It works so well on their phones and they know that they have everything accessible at all times. They really use the app!


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