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GreenMeetings is a Swedish service provider that offer video meeting services and assist companies and organisations to get more efficient processes and meetings.



Replaced CRM: Salesforce



Previous challenges with sales efficiency according to GreenMeetings

We used Salesforce but did not want to pay the chunk of money to bring in people to adjust it and do the set up for us. It resulted in a system that did not really work for us, we stopped using it!

We realized that we needed something lighter, easier and quicker. But at the same time loaded with the functionality we needed.


Reasons for going with Salesbox

There are several cloud based tools out there but there where three main reasons for going with Salesbox.

> Mobility – We wanted a truly mobile tool with full functionality since we are out with our clients in meetings most of the time. We must be able to access all data and use the system on the go.

> The interface – It was nice and easy to use from the getgo, everyone liked it right away. It was a completely different experience from what we had in our old system.

> The insights dashboard – an updated view of everything I need to see as a sales leader, filtered by activity, person or team, on whatever KPIs you might want.


The implementation

The implementation was done without any external consultants, we did it ourselves pretty quickly with support from the guys as Salesbox.

That would have been impossible in our old system. We set our sales processes and registered all our products on day one, that was key.

This was important for us in the starting phase but also going forward when we tweak the way we do things. The hurdle with all new systems seem to be importing data, that was really smooth with Salesbox.


Our favorite feature

Definitely Insights – the dashboard. It is the best analytical feature I have ever seen. It gives me a feeling of being in constant control. It makes our sales business very transparent and clear for everyone. We can see who is doing what and who is not!

We would like to use the delegation feature more, to share info and help each other in the sales processes. We don’t have the routine down yet, but we are working on it. It is more a matter of changing habits than anything.


What do the users say?

They like to use it because it is easy to use and that it automatically logs all communications with their clients. Phone calls, emails, text messages – everything!  

When we know that the correct info is in Salesbox, we have control of the salesprocess and can clearly see a higher hitrate on each case!


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