Testimonial – Hectronic replaced Pyramid CRM

e9ca98ff9f1fd0d0e60dba28cf0685f5About Hectronic

extHectronic is the leading designer and manufacturer of embedded computers in the Nordic region. Hectronic supplies medium and large industrial companies in various sectors worldwide.Hectronic’s products lead the market in terms of performance, size and low power consumption and are used in Defence, Transportation, Maritime, Medical, Military and Telecoms markets. Our clients include ABB, Ericsson, SAAB, Atlas Copco.



Previous CRM: Pyramid CRM (Not used)


Previous challenges with sales efficiency according to Hectronic

One main challenge with our sales process is the long sales cycles, 12-18 months. There are so many gates and steps to go through. It is crucial that we keep moving forward in the process, not to loose momentum.

This becomes much easier with a tool like Salesbox that guides and remind you to take the right actions on the way. Prior to Salesbox we only used lists, Excel sheets and calendar. We had a CRM called Pyramid but no one was using it.


Reasons for going with Salesbox

All the features that we could ever wish for from a modern sales CRM was there in Salesbox and Salesbox was very intuitive to use!


Our favorite feature

The most valuable feature must be the automatically triggered questions after each action with a case in the tool. That makes us ask ourselves the right questions; what will push the case forward in the sales process?

Salesbox gives us concrete actions to focus on as a next step with the client and makes us become more proactive.


What do the users say?

The feedback from the users have been very positive and the best part – They are all using the system!

The mobile aspect is a huge winner for this, we really use the app.


What creates most value for the sales director?

That we are able to custom make our own sales processes. We can do it ourselves, it is very simple and intuitive in Salesbox.

We use different type of processes for different type of products and client segments.

We define the different sales processes we need together, then everyone use the same ones for specific types of sales.

This gives me as Sales director a very good overview and the necessary information I need to forecast the sales accurately.

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