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About PS-CommunicationUnknown

PS-Communication is the leading brand experience agency in the Nordics. With offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland they handle local and global brands alike; their passion is all about creating unforgettable brand experiences.




Replaced CRM: Sugar CRM



Previous challenges with sales efficiency according to PS

One of the challenges for us was to have all our sales people actually use the system and update the data regularly. We struggled with getting the accurate overall sales status picture.


Reasons for going with Salesbox

Truthfully, it was the interface at the beginning. It was so much more modern, good looking and a more fun experience than what we had seen before.

Those things actually matter to us. If the users like the design, the ease of use, they will be much more likely to use it.

The way it looks and functions similar to a social media tool, with interaction, collaboration, notes and comments did it for us.

The mobile aspect was also critical since we are out on the field more often than not.  


Our favorite feature

To me it is to be able to get the overall picture on our status of sales at any given time. Knowing that it is 100% updated and accurate.

The system logs everything for us so it is easy to measure any KPIs we might want. It is also a great data base for us to measure against performance from last month, quarter or year.


What do the users say?

Many of them like the talk-to-text feature when you add notes into the system. That´s a cool little thing! But the best thing is that they all actually use the system.


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