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About Sisyfos Digital

Sisyfos Digital is a Swedish It consultancy company that assist their customers in analysing and identifying the needs before digitising the business.  Besides offering analyse and business services Sisyfos also offer their own software platforms.



Replaced CRM: Sugar CRM



Previous challenges with sales efficiency according to Sisyfos

The critical aspect with all CRM tools is to make sure you have the right data. No data – no usage – no efficiency.

There are basically three ways to get data into a system:


> Pay someone to do it, back office person or external resource.

> The user insert it manually.

> It is imported automatically.


I prefer to automate things if possible. That is also the only way to be sure that it is continuously updated.

What seems like small details in the data can have huge psychologial effects. Like images of contacts and company logotypes for example!

It triggers me to use the system since I see the contacts and clients I work with. I end up calling and interacting with many of them because it is easy and fun!

If something becomes difficult or compliated it will not be used. That´s what I like about Salesbox, it’s easy, quick and let’s you focus on the fun stuff, talking to your clients!

One important step when moving into a new CRM system is the first month of implementation.

When you have made the decision and investment, you want to see action. Data import, strategic adjustments and training with Salesbox was quick and worked really well.


Reasons for going with Salesbox

I used a traditional CRM earlier (Sugar CRM) but wanted a mobile feel with full functionality. I was tired of bad mobile solutions, that promised to be developed as “mobile first”.

If you ask me, I would rather have a tool that has basic functionality but works great with full functionality on mobile devices, rather than the other way around.

We chose to go mobile with Salesbox CRM and got all we could ask for. It has a great touch and feel, is mobile and has a modern feature set that utilize all the digital upsides of today. The many integrations to the third party tools we use was a big plus.


Our favourite feature

When it comes to features, Salesbox gives us what we want, full synch with calendar and automatic log of all e-mails and phone and text communication, to mention a few.

To have all communication with my clients stored automatically is simply outstanding.


What do the users say?

What my sales people like the best is the app itself. It offers true mobility with full functionality and actually works perfectly all the time.

There is something about it that makes it sit well in your hand and make things easy. I use it to make all my calls and follow the suggested actions after each call.

I believe that Salesbox is a very good tool for any sales person working with outgoing contacts.

If you work like I do, with sales towards existing clients, I simply set up a second sales process that is more circular with recurring events compared to the more linear sales process for new business sales. The process is a bit different but most of the actions are the same.


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