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What is Salesbox?

Salesbox is the World’s #1 predictive and mobile customer relationship management software for those who want to be successful in sales. It is designed according to behavioural models in order to cater the needs of the business people. Salesbox is the number one tool choice for all sales people who want to become successful in meeting their sales targets.

Why Salesbox?

  • We believe that sales is all about people, numbers and focus. Salesbox makes your sales people efficient, agile and cross unimaginable heights.
  • Salesbox acts almost like a personal sales coach that constantly encourages you to push you r limits go beyond the expected boundaries.
  • We want to make your team successful by helping them focus on the right activities and opportunities through built in smart guidance that adapts to their individual performance, behaviour, customers and pipeline.
  • Salesbox also aims at predicting your salespeople’s needs and constantly letting them know what it takes to reach their targets and beyond. Salesbox basically wants to put the guess work out of business.
    Using Salesbox should feel like putting on an “Iron man” suit for sales.

When is Salesbox Needed?

  • Salesbox is needed when you want your sales to keep escalating and grow your company.
  • When your team complains about using your current CRM or if you actually lack a CRM tool but realise things are getting out of control.
  • Salesbox is needed when you don’t know how to reach your sales target and how to fulfil the target gaps in sales.
  • If you are bored to the height of insanity with your current CRM and want to achieve what others don’t, then Salesbox is all you need.
  • If you want to create an opportunity for your sales team to increase their productivity and keep their flow of sales consistent.
  • When you want to do Smarketing (align marketing and sales together) then Salesbox CRM will be the right choice.

Who needs Salesbox?

  • Those who run businesses that require constant management of customer relations, communication and sales.
  • Those that require persistent communication with business contacts to close a deal.
  • Those with a distributed organization structure or those who are on the run most of the time to meet customers.
  • Those that sell multiple products to multiple types of customers or to various company sizes.
  • Those that work under high activity levels and target large revenue figures.
  • Those that want accurate sales forecasts but not interested in nagging their Sales Reps.
  • Those that are action driven and want to use proper sales processes to have control.

Where Salesbox Differs?

The problem with current CRM systems is that they work much like reporting tools and give you little guidance on how to do more and better business. When we started Salesbox, we considered every element that defines a CRM.
We longed for something different! A mobile and collaborative guiding tool that actually helps you and your team focus and reach your sales targets. Besides providing an award winning user experience and having many integrated services Salesbox differs in three important areas.

Smart guidance: Based on your behaviour and performance Salesbox learns, adapts and predict what it takes to reach your sales target.

Mobility: Salesbox is the only CRM-provider that gives you the entire package on mobile devices. With Salesbox Mobile CRM you can be in control and collaborate with colleagues from anywhere. This forms the foundation to make those abrupt necessary decisions.

Customer alignment: With Salesbox multiple and agile sales process workflow engine you can work with parallel processes and easily adapt them to what and to whom you are selling. You can even adapt the way you work on each specific customer deal.



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