A cropped shot of a handsome businessman under strain as colleagues request various things from him

The life of a CEO with and without Salesbox CRM

A cropped shot of a handsome businessman under strain as colleagues request various things from him


Life in general: The CEO always struggle with and spend a lot of time on getting the forecasts right. The CEO needs to collect the information from one or more Sales directors and doesn’t trust the reports.

The result is that the CEO uses excel and use the copy paste technique to create the forecast reports. In the forecast meetings the CEO want to walk through all rows in the forecast with the sales director asking questions about each opportunity.

The CEO asks questions like which sales person, can we trust that persons judgment on the progress, is the contract date accurate, what more do we need to do on that opportunity, how do we bridge the budget gap etc.

The CEO gets stuck in nitty-gritty issues instead of focusing on strategic bigger questions. Since the staff doesn’t update the CRM in real time the CEO only gets a good view of the company performance once a month and is frustrated about that, the CEO cannot see, with own eyes, how the important opportunities are doing and what more needs to be done.

The management becomes suspicious and questions a lot of the information, since the data in the CRM can’t be trusted. The CEO also want get an overview picture on the activity level and how it will affect the coming months, does the sales director have the team on a good enough activity level or not?

The CEO also doesn’t know when the company is dangerously close to the point in time beyond the budget cant be reached. To summarize, the traditional CRM risk draging the CEO down into a too detailed level.

With Salesbox the CEO can focus on the more important questions like how the company can reach the overall goals and targets.

The CEO’s biggest issues

The CEO does not trust the data in the CRM and therefore need to spend time creating own excel spread sheet reports to understand how the company performs The CRM lacks control and knowledge of the basic sales number since the CRM is updated only once a week or less.

This creates a situation where the CEO and management group only gets a few snapshots a month to make decisions. This also generates a lot of internal follow up meetings to get that control and knowledge and costs valuable time for many colleagues that can be spent on customers instead.

The biggest issue is probably that the CEO doesn’t know what it takes to reach the company target or when they are dangerously close to the point in time beyond the target can’t be reached.

The extra admin time needed to be spent to gain the knowledge  steal away time from nights and weekends, making the family suffer from an absent family member. This can lead to fights, a bad atmosphere, bad sex life, headaches, or even break ups or divorces.

And much much more.

All these issues might be sources to many awake nights and stomach pain. Lack of knowledge and control might also make the CEO worry about to be fired, to loose, to become a failure, not knowing how to reach the target, facing the board and not knowing the answers.

Risks for the CEO 

More agile competitors focusing and prioritizing on the right sales tasks can complete more business and become more successful. Competitors that can be faster and have access to information quicker.

Such competitors risks putting the CEO out of business. Today economy is much more competitive and stressed so companies cannot afford having non focused and non performing employees, they are fired.

Needs of the CEO

Get more control and to spend less time on administration and internal follow up meetings. Get more time to focus on strategic questions that bring the company closer to the targets.

When the CEO can spend less time to know more then there will be more time for strategic questions. When the CEO can sit on a beach, in a car, on a roller coaster and get that control then life becomes easier.

When the company do more and better deals and at the same time have more time over with families and actually listen to what they say and participate in the dialogue, without thinking to much on what you should or should not do, then the employees are in harmony and increase the chances to be successful.

How would life change with Salesbox CRM

Already within a few weeks the executive have more control and knowledge, in real time as well. Now the CEO knows the things when they happen and can get this knowledge from anywhere, not only behind the desk in the office.

The time spent on internal follow up activities and time spent on creating won excel reports have been drastically decreased. The internal meetings are starting to shift towards more forward looking  more on strategic and tactic questions.

The CEO has also noticed that the staff seems to be more happy and positive. He also notices that the sales reps and Sales director has got of better the last weeks and when asking questions to the sales director the answers are clear and to the point, for the first time.

Salesbox CRM is about making people’s business life easier, more successful and let business people more aware and know what to focus on. An individual who knows what it takes to reach a target, what to focus on every day and have good support to collaborate with colleagues have better chances than one not knowing what it takes, what to focus on and work alone.

A person who can minimize the time not taking you closer to the target also get more time to do more business.