The life of a Sales Director before and after getting Salesbox CRM



Life in general: The sales director is often on the staff to increase the activity, the sales manager always need to guide the team to focus on the right tasks, when the sales director asks the team members what it takes them to bridge their personal gaps, the answers are not clear and accurate.

If the sales director is lucky the team member gives some poor presentation after the weekend. The sales director always has to nag to get the team to update the CRM, again, if  lucky, they do it once a week, with a lot of complaining and poor quality as a result.

The sales director is, like the CEO, stuck with excel since he/she doesn’t trust the CRM, because of the bad input quality. The sales manager needs to focus time on follow up progress weight and increased activity instead of focusing on discussing how to optimize the performance of the coming prioritized tasks.

If the company works with external partners the head of sales is also stuck with excel as the platform for partner follow up instead of getting the information right from start.

That takes away precious time from the partner dialogue. It is the same here, the sales director needs to focus on what and correct what has been done instead of focusing on strategic discussions on how to optimize future activities to maximize the chances of winning the opportunities.

The head of sales is also struggling with lead generation; the team and the rest of the staff in the company don’t have clear routines and tools to provide the sales director and the sales team with hot leads.

The sales director has difficulties to follow up the ad hoc campaigns that are sent out, the sales team is complaining that they don’t have accurate lists on who to call.

The sales director’s biggest issues

The sales manager spends most of the days behind the screen looking on historic reports and tries to draw conclusions from that.

As a result the head of sales is buried in administrative work and have become a pain in the ass for most of the reps in the sales team, the sales director is stuck between a rock (CEO) and a hard place (the team) instead of becoming the true leader of the sales department focusing most of the  energy on future activities and strategies to optimize the chances of closing the deals and become the true hero of the company.

The sales director cannot accurately answer the CEO’s questions regarding what it takes to reach the company targets, the sales director doesn’t know how the sales team’s workload is balanced, which opportunities requires most work to finish etc.

The Monday morning meetings, that the sales manager had such big plans for, are a mess. No one is listening and focus is entirely on what happened last week, a very retro perspective behavior and focus that only leads to discussing what went wrong, instead of focusing the meeting on the coming weeks tasks and who to put on each task or appointment to maximize the outcome from a team and company perspective.

How the team together can optimize their performance. Its also hard for the sales director to know when the department is dangerously close to the point in time beyond the targets (both the team and each individual) cannot be reached.

Life of a sales director using Salesbox CRM

With Salesbox CRM all these things change, the sales executive becomes the director everybody want to work for. The Monday morning meetings are getting famous.

The sales director can really focus on strategic questions like what markets the sales team should put their energy on, who to put on each task and optimize the sales team’s performance on each activity every week.

Just like a soccer manager the sales director can make the necessary adjustments to change the game instead of staring at historical figures and drawing highly theoretical plans that never work in reality.

The sales director always has constant knowledge of the teams performance and what it takes to reach the targets on team level and for the individual team members.

The sales director knows who is overloaded and who is not. With Salesbox the sales manager gets full control to a tenth of the time he/she used to spend on administration and become the offensive force the company needs to grow.