Why you sould use your smartphone as a mobile office



Be free and do your business where it matters!

Handle your documents on the go

Wherever you are, you can connect your GoogleDrive, OneDrive, OneDrive for business or Dropbox documents to your accounts, contacts and opportunities in Salesbox CRM.

Edit documents from your preferred editor, such as GoogleDocs or Office 365. Add photos and logos to your marketing campaigns, and use a mobile device as a mobile office to show your presentations on big screens.

Access presentations, agreements, proposals, project plans, invoices etc. wherever you are.

Share your documents with team members and control who sees what. Keep your team updated about new versions of documents. Work with your team like you’re all using a single device.

“Finding and editing your documents on the go is easy as pie, because with Salesbox CRM you get true mobile document management”

Cut your documentation work to a minimum with Salesbox CRM

Have you ever used a smartphone camera to document what you put on a whiteboard? Have you ever copied those photos or your paper notes into a system?

With Salesbox CRM you don’t need to write the same information twice, you only have one mobile office.

Take photos of the whiteboard or your notes and store them with a description under the account, contact or opportunity. It is easy for your back-office colleagues to access the information in in real time.

Single point of contact management with Salesbox CRM

Have you ever lost your phone? Then you know the hassle involved in getting back all your contacts. Keep your important business contacts in Salesbox CRM and never lose them again.

Import your contacts and keep them up to date automatically. Salesbox CRM can add contacts and update existing contacts, so you don’t have to do it manually any more.

Track all your call attempts, calls and start getting your outbound numbers, and on your contacts and account your inbound numbers.

You can see who in your team communicated when with which contact and never again have anything fall between the cracks. It is as everyone was in the same office but a mobile office !

“After you hang up a call, Salesbox CRM will also automatically suggest activities for you”

Mobile appointment management with Salesbox CRM

Get control over your own and your team’s appointments and how many times you meet your accounts or contacts. Get control over what these appointments are focused on.

Receive information instantly and share it. Salesbox CRM makes sure you stay informed about what your company is doing with your customers every day.

Salesbox CRM automatically installs two-way integration, so you can continue to use your regular calendar while knowing that your business appointments will also be placed in Salesbox CRM.

Salesbox CRM makes sure your appointments are connected to the right account, contact or opportunity. The days when your CRM was full of irrelevant appointments are finally over.

Let your back-office colleagues book your appointments and you will receive updates instantly on your iPhone or iPad.

“After you leave an appointment, Salesbox CRM will also automatically suggest activities for you”

Keep your tasks and to-do lists in your pocket with Salesbox CRM

Don’t have the time to do your task? Share it with a team member or even put it on a ticket list for anyone to assign to themselves or for the manager to distribute.

Connect the task to an account, contact or opportunity/work package and keep your team members updated. You can even set what the task focus is, what behavior profile is preferred and, of course, when it has to be done.

This mobile office can also act as your personal servant and helps you prioritize your new tasks because a CRM must be a sales coach now.


“With Salesbox CRM’s tasks and to-do lists it is easy to plan and collaborate outside the office”

Be notified when it happens and decide when to take action

Be reminded, keep yourself updated, get involved and know what happens when it happens.

Have at your fingertips information about what happens to your accounts, contacts and opportunities.

Have your task and appointment reminders conveniently served just like any other iOS notification.

With Salesbox CRM you decide when to take action without losing control.