The tablet is a seller’s best friend


Have you ever heard “Close the deal”?

Its easier said than done. Salespeople today have a lot of challenges when trying to get the contract signed. Delays in the deal, compliance issues.. There are numerous problems that the seller may encounter.

The best way to take a big leap over all the bumps in the road is to streamline the sales process. How can it be done in the best way?
The answer – Tablet.

“Mobile CRM changes
the way we do business”

Tablets opens the door to many of the solutions that sales people have been missing.

  • Speed up the lead flow: tablets allow the user to improve the sales process to obtain a specific commitment at the end of each call. It makes the follow-up meetings faster and more secure.
  • Close more deals: with a tablet it is more easy to create commitment among prospects by being able to show demos and create participation in interactive tools.
  • Minimize time loss: salespeople today spend a lot of time on non-sales activities e.g. campaign monitoring and administration when they could have spent that time on sales. Sure, administration is important, but tablets are allowing the salesperson to use his or hers free moments in the field for those activities. And that creates more time for selling!
  • Greater portability: Hassle to bring your product? With tablets, the seller can display the product directly from the palm of the hand. You can even show the entire product line.
  • Convincing presentations: Now there are lots of great apps for presentations, making it easy and more efficient to create professional-looking presentations. A more stylish performance is more convincing. With tablets the seller can clearly differentiate themselves from competitors and create competitive advantages.

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Mobile CRM changes the way we do business.
Tablets for business and sales departments have led to higher close rates and better engagement with customers.

Salesbox is a truly mobile solution, built for the modern mobile business person who wants to stay informed and get active support 24/7. With Salesbox you have access to 100% of the functionality of your device, regardless of which mobile device you choose.


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