The way a CRM is meant to empower!



Are you working in a SMALL to MEDIUM-sized company? Do you work with B2B sales both in the field and back at home? Have you ever lacked the ability to keep yourself updated and to update others in your business while on the move? Do you find that tasks fall between two stools because you lack good collaboration support?

Then perhaps a plug-and-play mobile, intelligent and social CRM can help to empower your sales. One that also comes with an attractive and affordable price tag.

Do you also want to challenge the CRM status quo?

Have you as a SMALL or MEDIUM-sized company ever felt that implementing a new CRM or replacing an old one is just plain boring, complex, and time consuming, and almost always comes with a hefty price tag?

It doesn’t have to be like that!

Goal: Pioneer to challenge the CRM market’s status quo… We acted on our need for a proactive system where we never had to wait for anything and didn’t have to initiate every single part of selling ourselves.

We set out to build the perfect CRM – automated, mobile, intelligent and social! A system that gave us true proactive sales support so we NEVER again had to wait for a budget gap analysis.

One in which progress was recorded automatically and sales activities were always performed on schedule. We were looking for a true social collaboration… The results were quite astonishing!

The way CRM was meant to empower – your way!

When we began work on Salesbox we considered every element that defines a CRM. We longed for something mobile, intelligent and social. We wanted a system that gave us true proactive sales support!