Are you tired of being forced to do sales admin at the office?


Hey, A couple of quick question!

Do you work with most of your sales outside your office?

If you are…

Are you happy with how your current (CRM) system support you managing your CRM  and support your sales outside your office?

We used not to be, and maybe you feel as we did about this…

We were so tired of not being able to quickly update our CRM before we forgot half of the stuff we should’ve entered…

The results were absolutely devastating!

When our CRM had incorrect information or was missing information about clients, we couldn’t be the successful sales reps we used to be. So deals didn’t go through and our clients left. And it wasn’t even our fault!

It was only recently that we really understood why our clients left us… we would’ve left too if we had asked our supplier for important information and never heard back from them again until they wanted us to pay the next invoice…

Pay for WHAT?!! Terrible customer management?

IT’S ESSENTIAL to keep track of important steps, and even every little yet crucial detail, when it comes to your customers. If you don’t have a system supporting you in this and encouraging and compelling you to store and use vital information, you may end up as I did…

Losing almost all of your clients!

To prevent this happening to us again, we teamed up with a couple of like-minded people and built the most mobile CRM we’ve ever worked with. Now it takes us no longer than seconds to update our system with accurate and decisive information about our clients.

The mobile workflow even asks us questions immediately after wrapping up a meeting or directly after getting off the phone with a client. So when we do update our system there is no way we will ever forget any important information!

And WE LOVE IT! It’s so easy and make us better, quicker and less stressed.

And our clients love us because we never ever again need to come unprepared or excuse ourselves for missing information…

Check out our mobile first CRM to see what else our mobile system can do for you (besides enabling instant updates before information gets old, distorted or even forgotten…)

Be great!

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