Tired of buying poor and expensive contact lists?

SOCIAL CRM should include crowd-sourced CONTACT and ACCOUNT sharing. Have you ever questioned why every company builds its own contact and client register?

How many contact duplicates do you think exist around the world? Have you ever bought expensive contact lists that are not accurate and out of date?

Salesbox CRM is about crowd-sourced contact information management and it comes pre-packaged with organizations and contacts. If you want to take part, you need to contribute.

The crowd-sourced SOCIAL and MOBILE CRM, exclusively for Apple

With a truly social CRM you don’t need to buy contact information. Anyone can share and update public client and contact information. It’s like a big common contact pool to pick and choose from. The days of outdated information are gone.

SOCIAL CRM also needs to include COLLABORATION, both internally and externally. Have you ever felt stuck on a prospect? Since Salesbox is about teamwork, you are just a click away from help.

Send your request to a college or an open distribution list, which can be shared within the team. Do you ever work with external partners on the same opportunities?

Are you stuck using shared Excel spreadsheets? Salesbox offers a solution to your problems. With a collaborative CRM you can invite others to co-operate on opportunities, and you can decide who can do what on which prospect.

Want to collaborate on opportunities, both internally and externally?

Salesbox CRM, the collaborative CRM for mobile usage. Become integrated and collaborative while on the move. Work with colleagues and partners anywhere, anytime. With Salesbox CRM you are just a tap away from collaboration.