Accurate Sales Forecasts

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Accurate sales forecasts gives control

Salesbox’s accurate sales forecasts takes the guess work out of sales and lets you focus on the activities that lead you to closure.

Since we automatically generate progress for each opportunity, based on which activities have been completed the forecasts becomes more accurate. This also generates a uniform sales forecasting and other types of reports.


Increased customer experience

With Salesbox dynamic and flexible processes you can align the way you work with each individual customer’s purchase process and create the best possible customer experience for your individual customer.
Working from your customer’s perspective and not your internal perspective increase the service level and the chances for you to win your deals. It also gives you the necessary control and much more accurate sales forecasts.

Salesbox keeps track

The sales process also keeps tracks of your progress and how many appointments you need to win the opportunity.

With your sales processes you can instruct your colleagues what to do at each step. You can even recommend a behavioural profile for each step. Salesbox also learns and adapts to your company’s usage and optimizes your methods over time.

Share your processes

Create your personal way of working, as it fits you. Create as many processes as you want and share them with your colleagues.

Set a default sales process per product group or choose the preferred sales process for each individual opportunity.

Sales pipeline crm overview

Align your processes with reality

With Salesbox you can create your own processes in minutes.

Sales processes that actually align with what you are selling, to whom you are selling and where you are selling your services.

The effect, of course is more accurate forecasts.





Don’t change status, check activities!

Traditional processes work well for a static environment like a factory production line, where you have 100% control from start to finish and need to move forward in a pre-defined order.

In sales it does not, since it’s a dynamic environment.

Moving the entire opportunity from one stage to another does not give you the needed accuracy in your forecasts.

To give you accurate sales forecasts, Salesbox allows you to focus on the activities needed to win a deal, not force you to do them in a pre-defined order.

Get accurate forecasts

Choose which sales process to apply for each opportunity in your pipeline.

Work in the best possible way with your opportunities.

We wanted to give you the most accurate sales forecast reports possible, regardless of what, to whom and where your company sells.

The result: much more accurate sales forecasts.

Adaptable processes

Salesbox’s built-in intelligence even adapts your processes over time. Salesbox learns how it is being used to ensure that you repeat your own successful behaviour.

Get auto generated tasks

Salesbox keeps track of your business for you. Salesbox gives you get automatically generated tasks for you to focus on. Once you are done with a task, just check it and move on to the next.

If you don’t move on, Salesbox will move the task to a delegation list so the task doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Get suggestions

On top of this, Salesbox also presents a list of suggested next steps for each opportunity in your pipeline, so you don’t need to worry about what to do next. You can just take action. Salesbox will:

  • Give you automatic tasks
  • Show which tasks have been completed and which are still to be finished.
  • Help you focus on the right opportunities.