Salesbox for consultants

Combine all the great functionality of Salesbox with modules to manage your consultants. Find the right available consultant among your own consultant profiles and sub-contractors. Get a clear overview of your candidates built into your recruitment processes. All with Salesbox's industry template for consulting companies.

Manage consultant profiles / CVs

See how you can easily manage profiles, CVs, deals, occupancy, find relevant consultants, etc. (9:14)

Share profiles in real time

Easily share consultant profiles with your consulting network & let them get your updates in real time (1:16)

Profile management

Let each consultant manage their competences, education, certificates, employers, languages skills etc. Keep different language versions of each profile.


Let each consultant manage their previous experiences including what competences they used, who they worked for, what time period etc. for each experience

CV management

Create multiple CV versions of each consultant profile. Highlight different competences and experiences in each customised CV version. 

Search consultants

Search to find consultants (employed or sub contractors) based on your most important criteria – competencies, assignment start/end date, occupancy rate etc.

Sub contractors

Share consultant profiles with partner companies that also use Salesbox. Any updates to a shared profile are sent in real-time to your partners.

Automatic occupancy

Set start date, end date and occupancy rate when adding a profile to a deal. Salesbox keeps track of the occupancy rate of each consultant automatically.

Smart reports

With Salesbox smart occupancy reports, you get a complete overview of how occupied your resources are and to what degree of occupancy they are offered in the future. You can also take action directly from the reports if you want to add business during your occupancy meetings. Follow up your resources from a monthly or weekly perspective.

Add to pipeline

Add a consult to any pipeline and progress your consultant/deal forward through your sales process. Once it's won the given occupancy for the assignment is automatically added to the profile between the assignment's start and end dates.
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Bespoke processes & data structure


Salesbox comes with predefined processes to manage new customers, existing customers and assignment extensions



Salesbox comes with a predefined set of extra consultant specific data fields and dropdown values to get you working quickly and of course these can be modified.

Products / Services

Salesbox predefines all users as consultants. Set the recommended price, internal cost etc. and add the consultants to prospects/deals/orders.

Includes a recruitment module

Recruitment pipeline

Manage all your candidates in one place. Add different recruitment processes for different lines of business. Add your candidates to a recruitment pipeline and drag & drop the candidates through the different recruitment stages. Once you have a winner, the rest are automatically declined to save you time.

Candidate database

Create your candidate database in Salesbox. Tag candidates with the right skills and experiences to be able to easily find suitable profiles. Send personal mass emails and add candidates to call lists to streamline your recruitment process.