General questions

+ - Do you have setup fees?

Salesbox does not require any setup projects. Salesbox does not charge any setup fees or start fees. Just register and start working. Also download the system from Apple’s App Store and start using it. You only pay for as many users as you add. You can add as little as one user.

+ - Can you migrate data from a previous data source or CRM?

Salesbox has an import/export center. From there you can easily import your existing customers, leads and call lists. Just upload your .CSV and map your columns to Salesbox  standard data fields and your own custom fields in Salesbox. The import also includes duplicate controls so you can do the same import several times and not worry about duplicates.

+ - Do I need to sign an agreement?

You don’t need to sign any agreement, just accept the terms of use.

+ - Can we integrate Salesbox CRM with an internal system?

Yes, Salesbox is a modern solution built for integration with other systems. Salesbox is integrated with a large number of other services, both directly and via third party integrators like Maestrano.com. All to provide you with a plug & play business infrastructure that includes all different softwares you need to run your business as efficiently as possible. Salesbox integrations includes invoicing, accounting, HR, event management, marketing, social media, document management, project management, business intelligence and many more fields.

+ - Get more answers

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