Mobile Collaboration

Mobile collaboration makes you beat the competition

Get ahead of the competition with mobile collaboration in Salesbox. Studies have proven that the most successful sales teams share relevant information
in real-time.

Access to relevant information in real-time makes it possible to make quick decisions and be ahead of the competitors, which is essential to grow your

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Work as a team

Mobile collaboration makes it as easy as pie to work as a team with accounts, contacts, opportunities, tasks, leads and appointment. Get notified and keep yourself and your colleagues up to date in real-time.

Get constant control

Salesbox helps you collaborate. Share Opportunities, Contacts and Accounts, ask for help or distribute Tasks and Leads. Work in teams with colleagues and external partners. Salesbox mobile collaboration makes sure that each member gets the information they need into their forecasts and statistics.

Ask for help

Salesbox is about teamwork and mobile collaboration, you are just a click away from help. Send your request and it will end up on a delegation task and lead list that can be shared with your team. You can also share tasks and leads with a click if you know who to turn to.

Easy & quick to find & add

Salesbox lets you manage contacts and accounts in different directories. The searchable company long term directory prevents your active lists to become too big. Active, Recent and Favourite lists makes it easy to always have your relevant accounts and contacts at the tip of your finger. In most cases, to land the right contact or account, simply search or filter and get it in seconds.

With Salesbox’s long term directory also becomes easier to pick up accounts & contacts for specific campaigns, call lists or focus periods.


Get notified on changes

As soon as a contact or account is updated you receive a notification and can choose to accept or ignore it. With Salesbox you reduce the number of accounts and contacts that contain inaccurate contact information. The philosophy is simple: the more that helps the easier it gets.

With Salesbox you get mobile collaboration on a new level. You never again need to worry about getting access to the correct contact or account information from any device or anywhere.

Share & publish

If you don’t want to be disturbed, just put the perferred insights dashboard on a large screen and all who are interested can follow them live.

Salesbox comes, out-of-the-box, with a large number of dynamic reports, metres, pie charts and diagrams.

Call lists

With Salesbox you or your manager can easily set up individual or team call lists.

You can even create competitions and view the statistics afterwards. Setting up a call list takes just a few seconds.

Generate leads with campaigns

Make sure the sales team don’t run out of leads. Easily create a marketing campaign to automatically generate and distribute leads to the sales team.
–  You can choose to publish on Facebook and LinkedIn and through MailChimp simultaneously.

1 source, many channels

With Salesbox’s marketing automation it is easy to market a consistent message on several channels. Once you have published you get automatic real-time lead generation from the channels you have chosen.

Integrated with social media

Salesbox gives you access to all available public contact and account data, for example on LinkedIn and Facebook, so you never have to worry about
using inaccurate contact information.