Salesbox Mobile Office

The mobile office solution to bundle in B2B subscriptions

> Lowers the B2B churn with up to 20 %

> Increases the customer loyalty

> Gives an increased marketshare

Predictive Analytics CRM

Access from watch, phone, tablet or computer.

Create stickiness

Salesbox creates stickiness by making it easy to track & monitor relations, communications, business processes, automatically shares relevant info changes in real time & make it more process centric than person centric.

Offer new & innovative services

Salesbox creates efficiency & productivity and provide the environment to offer innovative services in a context that affects many based on your big data (Smart stats data reports, segmented contact info, who calls you etc.)


Offer a natural access point

Salesbox becomes the natural access point for your mobile office offering & make it easy to change from person focused to process focused communication

Offer efficiency & sustainability

Salesbox creates more efficient & sustainable businesses by making it possible to work from anywhere & by becoming the main access point for digital meetings

Offer Salesbox mobile office to your B2B subscribers

Make SMEs more digital

Salesbox is an attractive mobile offer on a growing market (80% of SMEs don’t have a digital & mobile customer platform)

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Push as native app preload

Salesbox is possible to push as a free native app preload to all B2B subscribers and is easy to get going within minutes

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