Smart guidance

Smart guidance makes you focused

Salesbox is the business acceleration platform that helps you focus on the right activities.

This means Salesbox will guide you on what to do and prioritize.

Salesbox also proactively helps you to understand your target gap, so you never again need to worry about what it takes to reach your target.

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Salesbox adapts to you

Gets to know you

Salesbox is intelligent and learns your individual and company numbers
over time, creates tailor-made proactive support and forecasts, and analyses
your individual situation, just for you.

Adapts to you

Salesbox is a business acceleration and guiding sales solution that automatically adapts to your and
your company’s unique performance history and situation.

Minimizes the duplicates

Salesbox minimizes the No. of duplicates by intelligently checking new entries and comparing them with previous entries. By reducing duplicates Salesbox makes it easier to follow up on how accounts and contacts are performing.

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Get the numbers

Salesbox lets you know how many of your existing
opportunities are worth spending time on
and how many new opportunities you need to
end before a given date.

Salesbox gives you all your necessary numbers,
and even transforms that information into dials,
calls, appointments and the working hours that
you need to put in to reach your target.

With Salesbox the gap is clear, even on a daily
basis. So you can easily see what is expected
of you and your team. With Salesbox’s Insights
you work with standard reports for forecasting
order intake, revenue, profit and margin.

Share & track

You can track which accounts, contacts, products
or lines of business bring you the biggest
order intake. revenue or profit. You can track
your sales team’s performance, workload and

You can view a single report or a combination of
reports. You can save combined reports and
share them with the whole company or create
your personal favorite combinations. You can
display reports on your preferred device and
swipe between the different pages.

Quick & easy

with Salesbox you also get a set of predetermined
meters and diagrams. For all reports and meters
just set the level (company, unit or individual)
and the selected time period. In your combined
reports you have full support to display any
combination of reports in a single report.

With Salesbox you don’t need to spend countless
hours preparing your reports, because it
takes seconds. And of course you can export
your single or combined reports to Excel or PDF
and send them to
anyone who should have them.

Built in guidance gives you smart forecasts and performance control in real time

Intelligent sales performance statistics gives ou constant control of what it takes to reach the target

Get answers

Since Salesbox built in guidance gives you the answers
to all pipeline questions in a second.

You also get a 24/7 real-time scanning and analyzing
of the pipeline compared to your targets
and what you and your team needs to do and
focus on.

What customers perform

Knowing who inside your biggest accounts,
delivers your sales and who delivers most profit
is something that can be vital to grow your business.

With Salesbox’s empowering built in guidance
you get to know exactly that. You will also get
24/7 control of how big deals your contacts
close with your company and how much time it
takes to close a deal with that contact.

Know the statistics

You will also know how contacts and accounts
performs compared to last year, how they perform
agains each other, if they deliver on your
margin targets, how many dials, calls and appointments
your company has done and you
get a complete communications history.