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Digitise your business

To make your sales, customer care and marketing more efficient often require both new digital tools and new ways of working.

Modern tools like Salesbox gives you the opportunity to significantly increase your business efficiency.

To achieve maximum effect it also often requires that the processes, ways of working and the leadership change when implementing the new digital technology.

Do you feel that the digitisation is challenging?

To reach maximum effect and efficiency on your sales, customer care and marketing it’s required that several departments (Sales, Marketing, Finance, HR, Delivery/Production) within your company come together in one digital end-to-end solution.

If you feel you need assistance with and/or guidance with the digital change or just want to be inspired about how a digitised and automised workday change your specific company or companies in general, Salesbox can help you.

We offer the following services.

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Change management

Hire us to support the management group (CEO, Sales Director, Marketing Director, CFO etc.) with the work to change work-ways, processes and leadership as a s result of the implementation of digitised and automised work-ways.

We understand both technology and business and can therefore both guide and support you through the necessary but sometimes painful change.

Inspiring lectures about efficiency

Hire our CEO, Andreas Lalangas, as lecturer to be inspired and get new insights to how you can become more efficient, get a more harmonic and result oriented culture, a more inspiring leadership as a result of digitised and automised work-ways and digital tools.

Prepare to be both inspired, challenged and sometimes also provoked. All in order for you to get a good start in the digital way of working.

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Development services

If you need one or several custom made integrations to specific systems that you use, Salesbox CRM development services can help you connect these systems to Salesbox.

We help you secure that information and processes becomes digitised in a way that makes you even more efficient.

Before asking for integrations please check out all our plug & play integrations, perhaps we already have the integration you are looking for.

If you are interested in any of our services, please send us a message below.

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