Focus on key roles

Unlock collaboration across your business, Salesbox focuses on what matters beyond sales, for the broader business

Sales director

Gets easy control over what matters now and how the company and different team members perform.

  • Control & gamification
  • Increase activity levels
  • Performance visibility

Important KPI:s

  • Pipeline / Closed sales
  • Calls/Meetings booked/done
  • Deals/prospects added


Structure for prospecting, book meetings, move and close deals. All communication tracked so no details are lost. 

  • Streamlined prospecting
  • Smart reminder/meeting management
  • Minimal sales administration

Important KPI:s

  • Calls / Meetings
  • Added deals
  • Won sales

Sales development

Complete support to streamline the prospecting and classification of new prospects to support sales and marketing.

  • Streamlined prospecting across sources
  • Rapid classification of prospects
  • Easy assignment to sales

Important KPI:s

  • Added prospects
  • Calls done
  • Meetings booked


Complete support to create custom classifications and segments to simplify marketing and customer communication.

  • Bespoke classifications and segmentation 
  • Track marketing generated prospects
  • Visibility of campaign impact

Important KPI:s

  • Prospects added
  • Campaign performance

Grow your company together


Increased collaboration, transparency & focus with Salesbox


Assists sales with new prospects and relevant information to simplify the growth of existing customers. 

  • Milestone & delivery processes
  • Complete log of interactions 
  • Identify & assign prospects
  • Awareness of coming delivery work

Important KPI:s

  • Prospects added
  • Reached milestones

General management

An easy overview over how the company performs and if team members from delivery are using Salesbox they also get control over delivery processes.

  • Performance snapshot of team 
  • Performance of products/services
  • Delivery forecasting insight

Important KPI:s

  • Gross pipeline
  • Sales closed

Finance / HR

Easy control on the incoming flow of deals, sales, revenue and profit. Get necessary numbers to calculate commissions. 

  • Easy insight on deals and revenue
  • Support to calculate commission 
  • Early warning information 

Important KPI:s

  • Sales  closed / coming
  • Revenue closed / coming
  • Profit closed / coming