Utilize mobile technology and CRM to grow your business



Streamline your work with client tasks in the field using mobile technology.

Do you have colleagues who visit your clients to perform services or tasks? Would you like to provide them automatically with the right contact information and directions to your clients, so they can focus on performing their tasks?

Would you like them to be able to update you on the client’s situation and needs while on site and performing their work?

Did you know that your colleagues in the field could become your best salespeople if they would use mobile technology? Do they upsell while performing their service? With Salesbox CRM on their iPhone or iPad, they can! Creating leads, orders, new meetings or tasks is easy.

Secure your upselling and you’ll see your revenue increase.

Do you work manually, and use your phone, email and Excel as primary tools to keep control of your business? That is a typical situation for many small companies.

With Salesbox CRM you get the ability to send your assignments as tasks and calendar posts to your colleagues in the field in real time, while having full control.

Many companies’ workforces spend most of their working days in the field, performing tasks and services on site at clients’ premises. With Salesbox CRM you can collaborate over distance and ensure that no tasks fall through the cracks.

Any company that has colleagues performing tasks and services on clients’ premises would benefit from using Salesbox CRM as the common mobile collaboration tool, for example:
  • Babysitting services
  • White goods services
  • Family doctors
  • Mobile dentists
  • Air conditioning unit services
  • Plumber services
  • Home electrician services
  • Handymen services
    ..The list goes on and on

Salesbox CRM will provide you with a more focused and effective workday and ensure that your colleagues focus on and prioritise the right things for your business. Indeed a lot of people have mastered the art of  looking busy without knowing it because they have lost their focus.



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Andreas Lalangas

CEO & Founder Salesbox