Want a personal servant that helps you prioritise your daily tasks?



Automated TASK generation HELPS you FOCUS on the prioritized activities. Do you sometimes feel that it is hard to focus and know which activities it is most important to prioritize? Then Salesbox is for you!

With Salesbox you get a daily list of prioritized tasks, consisting of the most relevant and important tasks for you to focus on. The tasks are based on your individual pipeline. Once you are done with a task just check it and move on to the next. On top of this, Salesbox also presents a list of suggested next steps for each prospect in your pipeline.

Want a personal servant that helps you prioritize your daily tasks?

The tasks are created and prioritized by the inbuilt intelligence and keeps track of your pipeline and business. Once you are done with a task just check it and move on to the next. If you don’t finish, Salesbox will politely remind you.

Smart CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT simplifies LEAD generation

Have you ever felt frustrated by not knowing who is interested in your offer? With Salesbox it is easy to create a campaign. You can choose to publish the same message on channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MailChimp simultaneously. With Salesbox campaigns it is easy to market a consistent message on several channels. Once you have published you get automatic real-time lead generation back from the channels you have chosen.

Are you missing easy and smart lead generation, from your iPhone?

All activity from your chosen target group is tracked and presented to you. Not only that, Salesbox CRM as,a personal servant, analyses and ranks the leads for you. With Salesbox CRM you know which leads to prioritize. Remember the story about Aladdin and the magic lamp he would rub, releasing the mystical powers of a Genie? If we were to rewrite that story today, I guess he would have had an iPhone with a Genie app.

Serving as a digital and a personal servant is our ambition for our CRM, you can read about it in this article if you want to learn more about our identity and our vision.