Want an adaptive and intelligent coach in your pocket?



To create an adaptive and intelligent coach in your pocket – that was one of our goals when we created Salesbox CRM. Have you ever asked yourself, how unique are our needs? Before IKEA, people and companies ordered tailor-made furniture. Most don’t any more.

Have you wondered why, when it comes to CRM, so many focus only on technical capabilities and so-called flexibility? Is it because you ask for those abilities or because the providers and IT department praise them? Shouldn’t the focus be on making the CRM adapt itself to your unique business needs and your performance, to help you deliver increased results, have an easier workday, become more effective, have more time left over, be less stressed etc?

Want an intelligent coach that adapts to your unique needs?

Salesbox CRM learns how you behave and perform and it adapts. Salesbox CRM is intelligent, learns your individual numbers over time, creates tailor-made proactive support, forecasts and analyses your individual situation, just for you.
Have you ever got out of a meeting or ended a phone call and thought you should update your CRM immediately, just to find that something else got in the way? Did you know that by tomorrow you will have forgotten 50% of what happened today? Based on that, isn’t it strange that many salespeople have a routine to update the CRM only once a week? That has nothing to do with unawareness, it is often because updating the CRM is perceived as boring and time-consuming administration. And because you can forget 50%, you spend even more time updating the CRM than if you had done it directly after the meeting or phone call.

Would you like a CRM that asks you questions after your activities?

Salesbox CRM reminds you to create or update prospects, leads, meetings and tasks after your meeting or phone call ends, with only a few clicks and swipes. It is like having a private sales coach in your pocket, reminding you when you need it the most.
Let the CRM take CARE of your PROSPECT PROGRESS. Have you ever thought, how should I weight this prospect for the moment?

This smart coach works exactly like a GPS would do, over a simple paper map, it is more proactive, just as described in this article.

Have you as a manager ever felt frustrated by your team members’ different assessments of the same kind of situation? That is not unusual. We are different personalities and sometimes we sandbag and sometimes we exaggerate, depending on the circumstances. With a mobile and intelligent CRM that is gone. Salesbox CRM automatically generates a progress percentage based on which activities have been completed.

Are you tired of prospect sandbagging and/or exaggeration?

Since Salesbox CRM sets the prospect weight automatically, you don’t need to worry about that any more. Our intelligent coach sets the weight depending on which sales method has been chosen for the individual prospect and which activities have been completed.


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