Want a smart CRM that adapts to your unique performance?



Have you ever asked yourself the question, how unique are our needs? Before IKEA, people and companies ordered tailor-made furniture, but most don’t any more. Have you wondered why so many only focus on technical capabilities when it comes to CRM?

Is it because the business asks for it or because the providers and IT department praise those abilities? Shouldn’t the focus be on the unique business needs, to help them deliver increased results, have an easier workday, become more effective etc?

Want a smart CRM that adapts to your unique needs?

Salesbox CRM learns how you behave and adapts. The system’s built-in intelligence learns your numbers over time and creates tailor-made forecasts and analysis just for you.

Are you TIRED of providers who speak about flexibility but in reality mean COSTLY software development? Do you want to FOCUS on becoming a software producer or on your CORE BUSINESS? Are you building your own cars, furniture or computer screens? Why is CRM different? Sometimes because the IT department has called the shots. The need to build solutions on platforms is also driven by the many organisations that make a living out of it. We just ask the question, WHY pay 10 times more than you need to to get less?

A smart CRM sould also be able to prioritize all your tasks in order to help you be more efficient, check this article if you want to learn more about how we provide this need at Salesbox.

WHY pay 10 times more than you need for CRM?

A modern CRM system is flexible on process support and collaboration support, mobile, social, agile, and easy to use, but also easy to set up. A smart CRM provider should know sales and deliver a ready-to-use solution that is cost effective.


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