Want to know the reason why Salesbox CRM was started?



Hey, I want to apologize to you. My intention has always been to save you time, not steal time from you. I admit to being overly enthusiastic in wanting to help you; it’s only natural, right? =) You’ll only hear from me once a week from now on, deal? Every new BEGINNING comes from some other beginning’s END, right? Some beginnings are also triggered by PAINFUL EXPERIENCES. Let’s talk about the reason why we started Salesbox.

Ending something can be hard and painful. To be able to move forward and improve, we almost always need to change and start with something new. It is the ones who EMBRACE change and adapt to new beginnings who leave the competition behind and become the new leaders within their field. The forces of CHANGE and moving forward are always STRONGER than the forces trying to preserve. So my friend here would like to tell you a few things in this presentation.

Warning: Can I be brutally honest with you? This might offend some people, yet frankly I don’t really care about them. I care about you. And I’m going to reveal to you the 5 elements you really need to avoid to experience the sales results that you know you so richly deserve. I’ll tell you all about them, just stay with me here. Why I’m reaching out to help (presentation).

Hear me out: now, does this really call for brutal honesty? There’s no saving you from falling down this rocky cliff by doing half measures, right?

Now, I’m gonna climb down this mountain and carry you to the top if I have to. However, if you give me your full attention here for a minute I promise you won’t have to look at me from underneath, climbing down to you wearing nothing but a tight sky-blue tricot. Yeah, hopefully it won’t come to that… So stick with me, the big 5 sales devastators are coming up and they are hungry for your revenue! Free presentation: why I want to tell you all of this.

Listen: have you ever given any thought to your working environment being truly supportive of your path to achieving your goals?

Look: what I’m trying to tell you is, there’s probably a lot of friction around you that keeps you from focusing fully on you hitting your sales target. I mean, making high-margin sales is hard enough as it is, right? At least for me… You? Now, you just have to learn how to identify what’s holding you back and find yourself a bulletproof way of removing and terminating it for good. Link to my friend’s presentation. We call it “the beginning”. He explains to you why we are willing to lend you a hand. Next week I want to talk to you about the 1st element, which involves:

  • Being stuck behind your computer when there are customers out there waiting to give you money… And how to avoid this without falling behind on your admin and CRM updates
  • Knowing why your business quickly needs to adapt to the new mobile way of CRM to survive the apocalypse (competition everywhere is getting more fierce; where do you want to be when the customer is ready to buy?)

Our ambition at Salesbox, is to help you manage the speed of change which is constantly speeding up. Do not hesitate to read our other articles if you want to know the other reasons why we have started Salesbox.