Want to make your workforce in the field truly mobile?



Do you want to streamline your work on client tasks in the field? Do you have colleagues who visit your clients to perform services or tasks? Would you like to provide them automatically with new assignments, tasks, the right contact information and directions to your clients, so they can focus on performing their tasks and work?

Would you like them to be able to update you on the client’s situation and needs? With Salesbox CRM you get the ability to automate collaboration, in real time, while having full control.

Mobile workforce is the way you should sell in the 21th century, if you want to learn about how the art of selling has evolved over the past century, do not hesitate to check this article.

Do you think a mobile sales tool can make your workforce in the field truly mobile?

Many companies workforce’s spend most of their workdays in the field, performing tasks and services on site at clients’ premises. With Salesbox CRM you can collaborate over distance and ensure that no task falls between two stools.
Would you like to be able to UPDATE your mobile sales tool directly after your meeting, after your phone call, while waiting on the train, flight, bus etc. without opening a computer? Have you missed a mobile CRM that is integrated with your iOS device’s mail, calendar, call, camera and map functions? Do you believe it would benefit you if you only needed to add information once? Salesbox CRM is a homogeneous CRM that is completely integrated with your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini. Work with your prospects, contacts, tasks and meetings from iOS Mail. The days when you needed an office are over!

Want to update your CRM on the move instead of being forced back to the office?

The days when you needed to go back to the office or home to update your CRM are over. Salesbox CRM is a truly mobile and intelligent CRM for APPLE. It is completely INTEGRATED with iOS on several levels and supports a truly mobile workday.


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