What do you think qualifies someone as an excellent sales manager?



Managers, we all have our opinion on how they should be… We’ve had our fair share of really (and we mean really!) terrible ones… However, we wanted to get a discussion going on what really makes for an outstanding sales manager. Simply because it affects us all, every single day! Now, there’s no such thing as the perfect manager, we think both you and we can agree on that.

We’re talking from experience… we probably both are! Yet, striving for constant development should be our one common goal, right? If (or really when) you make Manager, or even if you already are a sales manager, how would you picture yourself being (the ultimate sales manager)? We’ve got our vivid picture straight. What’s yours? What do you think qualifies someone as an excellent manager? We’d really love to know, so please leave your comments below.

 The Manager’s dilemma: you never can satisfy them all at the same time now, can you…?

It is the same about sales processes, a good manager might be able to adapt the sales processe for each client in order to be more efficient.


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