What separates the best salespeople from the other ?



There are many that have studied what separates the best salespeople from the rest. We have looked in to it boiled it down to four points.

In most sales teams there are a core of skilled sellers that almost always exceeding their goals. These people usually make up about a fifth of the people in the sales team.The sales organizations would earn a ton even on quite small investments in those sellers who underachieve.

If you also look at what sales reps. in general value and are stimulated by these are the answers you get.

1) Sellers who consistently is overachieving see a strong performance as the obvious starting position. Approximately half of all sellers who are overachieving usually agree with the statement that they are accountable for achieving their goals.

The corresponding figure for those who under performed are about a fourth.


2) Money play an important part. The more money a seller gets to exceed its quota, the greater the likelihood that they will do just that.

Companies that meet or exceed the quota is almost 50 percent less likely to have a cap on compensation, compared with the companies that lesser extent reaches the quota.


3) A crucial factor for a seller’s success proved to be confidence. Confidence in management and organization. But also a belief in their own skills.

The best salespeople usually ranks their companies higher than their less successful colleagues. Among managers is the trait they value the most experience. Less successful sellers value greater product- and industry expertise of their managers.



4) Talent, confidence and aggressive goals are important, but it is even more important how to do work. High-performance sellers have a systematic sales process, even if they themselves often cannot articulate exactly what it looks like.

The poorest performing on other hand changes something in every call or email. They haven’t found a functioning process yet. While high achievers ranks a disciplined sales process as one of the most important parts of an organization, the under performing ranks the same quality near the bottom.

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