Why do some people get a personal trainer (PT)?



Most of you wouldn’t raise your eyebrows if a friend (really focused on training) told you they got a personal trainer (PT), right? They do it to improve and achieve better results, right?

In 2016 you don’t even need to hire a physical person as a PT, you can get a digital one, directly in your smartphone.

Do you believe you would perform better in sales if you had a Sales PT? Have you ever thought of why we settle for less in our professional lives than we do in our private lives?

Reasons to get a digital personal sales trainer

I wanted a personal trainer who knew and adapted to me. Not some unpersonal sales trainer focusing on group exercises and never see me as an individual. For me it was important that the advice was tailor-made for me

I wanted help to understand what it took to reach my targets.

I wanted help to decide what to focus on every day, so I kept doing the right things and became effective in my work to reach the target.

I wanted help and someone who pushed, encouraged and empowered me the last bit to reach my weekly activity targets.

I wanted to get some relief, less stress and some weight of my shoulders.

All these comments were given by people as reasons for why they wanted to get a mobile and intelligent CRM. A CRM that adapted to them, improved them and empowered them in their profession in sales.

Would you like someone that asks you questions after your activities?

A mobile and intelligent CRM learns how you behave and perform and it adapts. A mobile CRM must be intelligent, learn your individual numbers over time, create tailor-made proactive support, forecasts and analyze your individual situation, just for you.

Have you ever got out of a meeting or ended a phone call and thought you should update your CRM immediately, just to find that something else got in the way?

Did you know that by tomorrow you will have forgotten 50% of what happened today? Based on that, isn’t it strange that many salespeople have a routine to update the CRM only once a week?

That has nothing to do with unawareness, it is often because updating the CRM is perceived as boring, time-consuming administration and because the CRM is stationary and not at hands when you need it on the field.

Due to the fact that you forget approximately 50% what you do today already tomorrow, you spend even more time updating the CRM than if you had done it directly after the meeting or phone call.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone asking you questions after each phone call or appointment? Wouldn’t it be nice and easy to just focus on giving the answers, right then, when you have the information fresh in your head and the answers are clear?

Instead of waiting until the end of the week, when you have both forgot what questions to ask yourself and what answers to give?

Would it be more nice to spend those last hours on Friday afternoon hanging out with your team buddies and have some fun after a hard weeks work?

A mobile and intelligent CRM reminds you to create or update opportunities, leads, appointments and tasks after your appointment or phone call ends, with only a few clicks and swipes.

It is like having a private sales coach in your pocket, reminding you when you need it the most.

Would you like someone to encourage you to do that extra effort at the end of the week?

Just like in training, if you run or power walk, you have most likely used digital personal trainers from companies like Nike.

Those digital sales trainers both can adapt to you, encourage you to run that last mile to reach the target, keep track of your statistics,  let you share your performance in a group and also keeps track of your personal records.

Just like those training applications, a mobile and intelligent CRM keeps track of your activity performance, encourage you to reach your target, knows your personal records and lets the group know who performed best during the week.

If you like to get support when running then you will recognize yourself in a modern, intelligent and mobile CRM.

Let the sales trainer keep track of your statistics and progress.

Let the CRM take care of your OPPORTUNITY PROGRESS. Have you ever thought, “What progress should I give this opportunity for the moment?”

Have you as a manager ever felt frustrated by your team members’ different assessments of the same kind of situation? That is not unusual.

We are different personalities and sometimes we sandbag and sometimes we exaggerate, depending on the circumstances. With a mobile and intelligent CRM that is gone.

A mobile and intelligent CRM automatically generates a progress percentage based on which activities have been completed, not based on feelings and assumptions.

Since a mobile and intelligent CRM sets the opportunity progress automatically, you don’t need to worry about that any more.

A mobile and intelligent CRM sets the progress depending on which sales method (like a tailor-made work out schedule before a specific competition) has been chosen for the individual opportunity and which activities have been completed.

Now, is adding more data fields or getting to known you, adaptability for you?

Have you wondered why, when it comes to CRM, so many focus only on technical capabilities and so-called adaptability? Why they only focus on the ability to add new data fields and “build your own software” abilities?

Like you, in the sales department, would like to become your own software provider, right? Is it because you ask for those abilities or because the traditional CRM providers and the IT department praise and benefit from them?

If you were working on a construction company, you wouldn’t want to build your own drill, right? You would like to buy one off the shelf and start drilling, directly, because that’s your core business.

Not spending weeks or months putting together your own drill. You could actually start questioning if it is for yours or theirs best interest, the providers and some IT departments praise those “build your own software” abilities.

Shouldn’t the focus be on providing a CRM that intelligently and automatically adapt itself to your unique business needs and your performance, to help you deliver increased results, have an easier workday, get more encouragement, become more effective, have more time left over, be less stressed etc?

We know that sales peoples needs to be focus on their jobs and keep an high activity level if they want to deliver a lot. Using a CRM as a personal sales trainer can definitely be a way to improve their focus.