Why mobile and why intelligent?



Hey, avoid this if you want to increase your sales results: Getting trapped with administrative work and time-consuming, disturbing CRM updates when you’ve got clients to see and deals to close… How do you avoid the above?

Here are the top 4 disturbing CRM mobility-related issues. Salespeople just like you tell me every day how much time and energy they lose because of these:

1) Updating your CRM requires a computer (wouldn’t it be smoother to use your iPhone or iPad instead?)

2) The mobile version of your CRM was originally built for a computer and only recently just “copy pasted” into an app. That’s like putting the wheels from a bicycle on a Ferrari and expecting the driver to win the Dakar Rally. Ain’t gonna happen…

3) Updating and using your CRM interferes with your selling. It should never do that. It should solely support and empower your selling.

4) Updating your prospect progress in the CRM takes too long, when it should require less than 20 seconds* so you can fully focus on your clients instead. * DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME (or anywhere else for that matter…)

A professional driver performed this test on a closed street. While driving and speaking on the phone, he actually managed to update his Salesbox CRM in less than 10 seconds, without leaving anything to chance or having to go back to add more. It was a complete update that left nothing else to wish for in terms of quality and accuracy. I’ve gotta ask you, how would you spend the extra time and energy you save from using the mobile power of Salesbox CRM?

Solving all theses issue with a truly and natively mobile CRM can be really valuable for your company. In fact we know that increased adoption of CRM among your sales team is the key factor to maximize the value you can get out of it.


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