Why pay top dollar for something less than 26% of your team uses?



Jens Edgren wrote a nice article on LinkedIn the other day about UnCRM yourself. He asked the following questions.

Why would a company spend top dollar to implement a CRM system that less than 26% of the sales people are using? 

Why would you use obsolete data (25-40%) in the CRM system to make important business decisions? 

What good does a CRM project to a sales organization when more than 70% of CRM implementations fail? 

Are we aware of these fact when buying CRMs for our companies? Do we not care? Don’t we want to get help, get empowered, become more effective? Isn’t that the whole point of buying a CRM?

Do we really want to get stuck in technical configuration projects run by our suppliers and IT-departments? With the pace at which things are developing today we should not be forced to pay hefty price tags for what could be considered standard functionality that actually empowers us.

We can download training software that helps us more on Apple app store and cost a fraction of a CRM license, and we definitely don’t get a implementation project on our backs, just to get started.

We know that CRMs initially were expensive and only accessible for those who could afford them, but today a more advanced, standardized, affordable and available CRM can be bought for a fraction of the cost of a tailor-made one.

Question; Would you order a tailor-made, hand-built car? Most of you wouldn’t! Of course, those hand-built cars still exist, but they come with the same price tag as a small castle or your own jet.

Traditional CRM systems are too expensive and deliver too little. It is time for change!

So, why pay more than you need to for something that is not working? Why pay so much for something that gives so little value back? It’s time for a change.

A change that finally helps and empowers salespeople, management and boards

A change that finally makes it easy and quick to both update and be updated, anytime, anywhere, 24/7

A change that is so big that it puts traditional CRMs several years behind over a night (When the first iPhone made all traditional mobile phones seem ten years older than they were.)

A change that makes you smile when you think of CRM rather than headache and anxiousness

A change that puts top-end business software in the hands of small and medium-sized businesses. Why should a small to medium-sized business settle for something less?

Why should those companies be locked out from good support just because they don’t have the same size of wallet as large enterprises? Even if you are a big enterprise, why pay more than you need to? Money needs to be well spent!

In times when every dollar counts, perhaps a more affordable, mobile and intelligent option would be worth considering?

Perhaps it would even put you in front of your competitors, both because you can spend your hard-earned money on more marketing and because you can get your hands on a more intelligent, effective and affordable tool that heavily reduces the time you and your colleagues spend on administration and helps you increase the time you spend on business.