Why you should choose a mobile, intelligent and social CRM!



Are you aware that you probably spend up to 787 % more time on sales administration than you have to? If you want to change that, then you probably need a mobile, intelligent and social CRM.

CRMs have been keeping salespeople from selling for way too long. It is time for that to change! No more interruption of progress! This year was said to be the year of mobile CRM, when salespeople no longer needed a computer to update their CRM.

When they could “fly free” and never have their CRM interfere with their selling time or have to push back the admin work to late nights and weekends.

Reasons to choose a mobile, intelligent and social CRM

With a mobile, intelligent and social CRM you get instant access to all the information you need to sell more yourself, and for your salespeople to sell more – and for you to help them sell more!

With a truly mobile CRM you and your sales team can access and update this information 24/7 anywhere you are – whenever you want. With a mobile and intelligent CRM you can save up to 88 % admin time compared to traditional web based CRM.

With an intelligent CRM there is no more guesswork or acting on intuition on what sales are really in your pipeline – You get the facts at your fingertips to help you focus your attention on your real opportunities and eliminate kickers and suspects – and of course, sell more.

With an intelligent CRM system monitors each person’s sales, performance, pipeline and marketing behaviors. The intelligent CRM will therefore coach the users daily on how to make more sales – it becomes like having a personal sales and marketing coach in your pocket 24/7.

To be able to get all these benefits and improvements you need a CRM utilizing both the CRM’s and the mobile device’s features. Therefore a truly mobile CRM must be totally integrated with the Dial function, Maps, Calendar, Email, Photos, Camera and Contacts on the device the user use.

A mostly web based CRM can never deliver the same level of integration and therefore not either the same level of sales support improvements.