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Why you should synchronize your calendar with Salesbox CRM

Why and how to add Appointments in Salesbox CRM

Meetings with clients are still and will forever be important in sales. Here’s is how to handle the administrative burden that comes with having meetings – the easy way. Having all your business appointments scheduled through Salesbox enables a number of things:

  • Appointments are synchronized with Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities and the After Call/Appointment Cheat Sheet to enable quick and easy scheduling of new appointments.
  • You get a complete overview of Appointment activity connected to certain Accounts and Contacts, historical and upcoming.
  • You can add a “Location” to an Appointment to get directions in your Map app in your smartphone or tablet.
  • Further increase Salesbox’s ability to adapt to you and further assist you in forecasting what it takes to reach your targets
  • By adding a “Focus” target to your Appointments you:
    • Always know what the goal is of your Appointments and therefore increase the likelihood of achieving that goal.
    • Can track your progress of business Opportunities; therefore know what additional steps you need to secure to close the deal.

By synchronizing Salesbox CRM with your iCloud, Google or Outlook calendars you can monitor your appointment schedule from any mobile device connected to your iCloud account.

How to Add an Appointment in Salesbox CRM:

  1. Log in to Salesbox CRM.
  2. Go to Appointments in the left menu.
  3. Click the + sign in top right corner.
  4. Add the information about your Appointment.
  5. Click Done.

How to Add an Salesbox CRM Appointment in your iCloud/Google/Outlook calendar:

  1. Open the calendar
  2. Click the + sign in top right corner.
  3. Select the Salesbox calendar.
  4. Add the information about your Appointment.
  5. Click Add.

When you update an Appointment, either through Salesbox or through your Calendar, the appointment synchronizes two ways, so you will never more have your calendar and CRM out of sync.

You can also schedule Appointments through Accounts, Contacts and the After Call/Appointment Cheat Sheet.

  • After Calls and Appointments you get a Cheat Sheet with suggested actions to take. In the pop-up menu you can chose to “Add Appointment”.