Work with Custom fields

With Salesbox Ultra and Ultimate packages you can add your own searchable data fields.

You can add the following type of custom fields.

  • Dropdowns (Support For Multiple Choice)
  • Checkboxes (Support For Multiple Choice)
  • Text fields (Choose Size)
  • Text boxes (Choose Size)
  • Date fields (Choose Date Format)
  • Numeric fields (Choose No. Of Digits And Decimals)
  • Link/URL fields (Choose What Type Of Link)

The available fields can be added to the following objects in Salesbox.

  • Tasks
  • Leads
  • Opportunities
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Appointments
  • Users

How to add a new field

  1. To add your own data fields go to Company settings and select Custom fields.
  2. Click the green plus sign
  3. Name your new custom field (this is the name that will be displayed for your users)
  4. Select what type of field you want to add
  5. Edit the new field (different settings depending on field)
  6. Click done

Tip 1: You can copy one field to both the same object and other objects, so you don’t need to redo the same work several times.

How: Click on the small copy icon to the far left of the row for the field you want to copy. In the popup you select what objects you want to copy the field to.

Tip 2: You can rearrange the display order of your new fields.

How: Grab the icon looking like three lines and drag your field to the selected position in the list. Don’t forget to click the Update position button to save the change.

Tip 3: Add a predefined Google search URL field. Add a domain/site you want to search in combination with the Account name or the Contact name. Example: Add the site yellow pages.com on a Contact. When your user click on the Google search icon on the contact they get a Google search on (yellowpages.com + contacts name) and can easily find the number to the contact.

How: Add a URL field, select Google search form the dropdown and add the preferred site.

Tip 4: Add more predefined URL/Links for

  • Skype (Click the Skype icon to call the given SkypeID)
  • LinkedIn (Click the LinkedIn icon to get to the account/contact LinkedIn page) (Copy the contact’s LinkedIn ID from the URL on LinkedIn. https://www.linkedin.com/in/Contact’s LinkedIn id?trk=hp-identity-name)
  • Facebook Click the Facebook icon to get to the account/contact Facebook page) (Copy the contact’s Facebook ID from the URL on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Contact’s Facebook id)
  • Twitter Click the Twitter icon to get to the account/contact Twitter page) (Give the Account/ContactTwitter handle)
  • You can also add links for Instagram, web and Google search (see above) as links.

How: Add a URL field for the link you want.

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